Type B fall protection anchoring devices are defined as temporary because they can be removed when the work is finished.

Temporary devices must be used in confined spaces and work areas where there is the risk of falling from a height but it is not possible to adopt permanent safety measures.
Some of the specific devices for the access, exit and work in confined environments are tripods, lifting arms, slides and anchoring clamps, which are specifically designed to hold in position and, if necessary, recover people or loads up to 500 kg while maintaining the safety in a danger-free area.

Temporary life lines and anchors are designed to guarantee the safety of operators working in areas where there is the risk of falling from a height and where it is not possible to install permanent for aesthetic or structural reasons.

The above-mentioned devices can be used by operators in charge of installing permanent anchoring devices. 

Type E devices are anchors for use on surfaces up to 5° from the horizon, and are distinguished in dead bodies made of water, cast iron and polyurethane (by weight).