Guardrails are a collective fall protection system.

To protect operators working at a height, the installation of collective fall protection devices must be prioritised over individual fall protection devices.

  • Guardrail compliant with standard EN 14122-3
  • Structure and accessories made entirely of aluminium, guaranteeing low visual impact, lightness and functionality
  • Possibility of floor, wall, self-supporting and sheet-fixing guardrails. Moreover, VKC EVO’s has the folding upright’s option.
  • Numerous accessories and customizations available.
  • 10 years warranty.

  • Wall fixture
    Aluminium guardrail with bracket for wall mounting.
  • Floor fixture
    Aluminium railing with fixed bracket for floor mounting.
  • Sheet fixture
    Aluminium guardrail with fixed bracket and foot with rivet fastening to sheet metal.
  • Self-supporting
    Self-supporting aluminium guardrail.