BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process for creating 3D virtual models containing intelligent data.

BIM technology allows you to design buildings and infrastructure with a variety of information that are important for project development.

BIM technology allows you to design buildings and infrastructures with a variety of important and shareable information for project development.

The building created with a BIM process contains different information of various nature (such as physical, mechanical, environmental, financial, etc.) that allows to manage with efficiently the entire building life cycle. Such information can be easily converted to obtain the documentation useful for its purpose such as site drawings, installation methods, technical specifications, energy evaluations, construction costs, maintenance procedures, etc...

BIM model is therefore not limited to a simple visual representation as it contains a real library of information that is useful and accessible to all professionals sector, which aims to become an indispensable efficiency tool.

The IFC format (Industry Foundation Class) adopted by international standard is compatible with the most popular design softwares and allows the exchange of information between various programs, thus reducing errors, optimizing resources and the work performed reliability.