Sicurpal's fall protection rail system can be used on horizontal rigid lifelines compliant with standards EN 795 type D and vertical rigid lifelines compliant with EN 353-1. 

The system is made up of an extruded anodised aluminium profile that, thanks to its reduced size (31x31mm), achieves minimum bulkiness while guaranteeing great resistance. In particular, the adaptability of the material enables the creation of special profile curves and twists that match the shape of the roofing perfectly. A great range of brackets, customisable depending on the shape of the structure, enable the rail to be anchored even to light structures, provided that a suitable number of anchorage points is identified. 

Rail trolleys are all made of stainless steel and are available in the standard version as well as in versions that meet special requirements such as trolleys that can be opened to be anchored to the rail or equipped with a locking brakes for vertical rails.  

  • Rigid structure that enables the distribution of the load on the roofing rather than only soliciting the anchorage points
  • Can be anchored directly to the load-bearing structure of photovoltaic plants
  • Can be easily used by operators, especially thanks to the fact that no posts need to be bypassed
  • Can be used by up to 4 operators simultaneously 
  • Enhanced safety for operators: in the event of a fall, the rail poses an irrelevant angle on the clearance height