The Association of Manufacturer and Installer Construction Plumbers (P.I.L.E.) is the main reference for the construction sector, because of its membership with UNI, where it contributes to set and publish Technical Standards concerning the construction plumbing.

Thanks to the sharing of expertise and know-hows between Sicurpal and P.I.L.E., the company designed new products and found alternative solutions to respond to customer needs.



Mr. Giampiero Morandi, on behalf of Sicurpal, is an active member of the Italian National Unification association (acronym UNI).
Each EU State Membre should have only one regulatory organization: therefore in Italy UNI is the only non-profit association recognized by the Italian State and by the European Union (such as DIN in Germany, BIS in the UK, AFNOR in France, AENOR in Spain, etc.) that exercises a regulatory authority applied to commercial, industrial, and service sectors. The UNI performs the regulatory activity of setting and publishing Technical Standards that aim to establish uniform criteria, practices, process and methods regarding a product, service or person. UNI’s Technical Standars are developed by a group of thousands of technical experts in Italy and abroad, which share their know-how and expertise in order to set useful and valuable rules over a certain industry or profession.

The UNI represents Italian legislative activity at the International Standards Organization (ISO) and European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

UNI’s main extents are:

  • performing harmonization of standards, so that common rules will apply to same businesses operating in more than one member State, facilitating free trade;
  • making an efficient and effective transposition of European Standards into Italian domestic market, taking into special account the prerogatives of Italian production processes.


In 2016, Sicurpal put its expertise at the service of the safety at height sector, becoming part of the Italian Association For Fall and Accident Prevention (A.I.P.A.A.), which groups together the leading manufacturers of anchorage systems and the major experts of safety at height.