• Mark Robin 30m
    Art. 005890
    Mark Robin Hub with 30 m rope and aluminum quick release carabiners. Item supplied without container
  • Lift Res-Q 20 m
    Art. 004097
    Lift Res-Q 20 m, evacuation and rescue device
  • Corda 30m
    Art. 005893
    Corda di ricambio per mark robin hub da 30 m con moschetoni in allumino ad apertura rapida.
  • Yellow stretche
    Art. 004098
    Yellow stretcher 2.5m x 0.90m
  • Rope 9.6mm 30mt
    Art. 004283
    Rope 9.6mm 30mt
  • Seal Pack
    Art. 004284
    Seal Pack
  • Case Universal
    Art. 004285
    Case Universal XXL