Sicurpal life lines and fall arrest systems manufacturer provides BIM models of its products, complete with all information necessary for a correct design.

Downloading Sicurpal BIM models is very easy:

  1. Login or free register on the site
  2. Go to BIM section > BIM Objects Library
  3. Click the product of your interest and wait a few seconds until the download begins.

File downloaded contains the 3D model in IFC international standard format, compatible with the most popular BIM softwares, and instructions for usage in Italian and English.

The library is under development and will be constantly updated with new models!

Do you need technical assistance for choosing Sicurpal products? Contact us by writing to [email protected]


  • PBS
    Lifeline for roofing with low structural resistance and a flat base.
  • LVB
    Low visual impact lifelines.
  • Basic Line
    Basic lifeline with galvanised posts.
  • Shed Line
    Plate lifeline for edge beams or prefabricated structures.
  • Sicurlam
    Trapezoidal sheet metal lifeline.