• Fall arrest crane for confined spaces
  • 132 cm wide reach for flexible working
  • Four adjustments for height and reach
  • Plastic deflection pulleys built into the tripod structure
  • Quick-change system for the rescue and height safety lifting device (HSRG)
  • Winch lifting of materials up to 5 quintals
  • Can be assembled and disassembled in minutes
  • Manufactured from hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel

Basic version does not include:

  • Winch, of your desired size
  • Base frame(s) suitable for your facility
  • HSRG device, of the size you desire (hitch included)
  • Winch LokHead 5
    Art. 003556
    Winch LokHead 500
  • PHK II - S davi
    Art. 000508
    Painted iron arm PHK II - S davit, max load 500 Kg, including 2 bearings, does not include hoist, floor fixing plate, hoist support and supp. HSRG
  • SS base g.fix
    Art. 000852
    Stainless steel base for ground fixing
  • SS base w.fix
    Art. 000853
    Stainless steel base for wall fixing
  • Iron base g.fix
    Art. 000850
    Pain. iron base for ground fixing
  • Iron base w.fix
    Art. 000851
    Pain. iron base for wall fixing
  • GV base-Akrob-S
    Art. 001883
    Galvanized base for Akrobat-S
  • Man. Hoist 16m
    Art. 000838
    Manual hoist for PHK-II S max 16m including Easy adaptor and rope excluded
  • AkrobatS hoist
    Art. 000510
    Manual hoist for PHK-II S max 30m including Easy adaptor and rope excluded
  • GV rope 8m
    Art. 000862
    Galvanised rope for 8 m hoist without preload spring
  • GV rope 12m
    Art. 000863
    Galvanised rope for 12 m hoist without preload spring
  • GV rope 16m
    Art. 000864
    Galvanised rope for 16 m hoist without preload spring
  • GV rope 20m
    Art. 000865
    Galvanised rope for 20 m hoist without preload spring
  • GV rope 30m
    Art. 000866
    Galvanised rope for 30 m hoist without preload spring
  • HSRG 10m
    Art. 000867
    HSRG 10m - including "Easy" connection
  • HSRG 20m
    Art. 000868
    HSRG 20m - including "Easy" connection
  • HSRG 30m
    Art. 000869
    HSRG 30m - including "Easy" connection
  • SS Easy support
    Art. 000849
    Stainless steel ''Easy'' support for HSRG for Akrobat-S
  • Coupling point
    Art. 000843
    Support points for Akrobat-S to lift loads
  • Connect. point
    Art. 000844
    Connection point for PHK-II S for one person
  • Case-10m HSRG
    Art. 000871
    Case for 10 m HSRG
  • Case for HSRG
    Art. 001958
    Case for 20-30 m HSRG
  • Lifting Pack
    Art. 000872
    Pack for Lifting Loads
  • 4-Rope suspen.
    Art. 000878
    4-Rope suspension dn8 L. 850 mm approved DIN EN 13414
  • 2-Rope suspen.
    Art. 000879
    2-Rope suspension dn8 L. 850 mm approved DIN EN 13414
  • Coupling Tool
    Art. 000875
    Tool for coupling pump on chains max 8 mm
  • MUNE 3R
    Art. 001545
    Body harness with 1 dorsal D-Ring, 1 sternal attachment and a rescue extension strap with top D-Ring. Universal size.
  • LIFT
    Art. 000778
    Spreader for full body harnesses or seat harnesses used in conjunction with a chest harness, allowing upright descent . Two triangular connectors included.
    Art. 002484
    Comfortable and quick-donning fall-arrest harness. It is certified to European and Russian standards. Available in three sizes.