• Designed to be installed under rooftiles 
  • Specific models for different kinds of tiles 
  • Possibility to prevent infiltration thanks to "OFFSET plates"
  • System certified and compliant with:
    • EN 795:2012 for max one person
  • Secured with two bars w.12 mm 
  • Available in both versions galvanized and electropolished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 10 year warranty

For more information on device anchoring, please refer to the downloadable manual below.

  • Sign A1
    Art. 000297
    Anchor. sign A1
  • STC
    Art. 000183
    STC Undertile against pendulum effect
  • STC for slate
    Art. 001033
    STC Undertile for slate
  • Galv.STC under
    Art. 002525
    Galvanised STC undershingle against Pendulum Effect
  • STC Offset
    Art. 000074
    STC Offset with bolt
  • STC Offset
    Art. 002614
    STC Offset with bolt
  • Lifeline info
    Art. 004738
    Lifeline information plate Spanish version
  • LV Info
    Art. 004787
    Lifeline Information Plate Fw/Sw version
  • Lifelines plate
    Art. 003354
    Lifelines information plate English version
  • Lifeline ID
    Art. 000291
    Lifeline identification code
  • System Register
    Art. 002562
    Sicurpal's System Register - Inspection and maintenance
  • Docubox
    Art. 003334
    Document holder with fixing kit
  • Kit B4
    Art. 000888
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 2 self-lock.+2 d12 washers
  • Kit B5
    Art. 000889
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 2 self-lock.+2 nuts+4 d12 washers
  • Kit B9
    Art. 000893
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 2 self-lock.+2 washers+2 bolts 12x35
  • Bar dn12
    Art. 000014
    Threaded rod dn12 Stainless steel 304 Degreased
  • Eco. Resin 400m
    Art. 000021
    Econ. two-component resin 400ml
  • Resin
    Art. 002365
    High quality resin for renforced concrete and bricks
  • Res.Nordic400ml
    Art. 002124
    Nordica 400 ml economic two-component resin - for applications up to -20°
  • Screw
    Art. 000249
    Fully threaded screw with countersunk TX40 11x100
  • Washer M10 diam
    Art. 000250
    Washer M10 diam.
  • F10
    The designer anchor range.
  • ST8
    The handiest anchor to work with.
  • STR
    Double anchorage point to guarantee invisibility.
  • Plam
    Anchorage point for trapezoidal sheet metal.
  • Cables
    Sicurpal cables