• Specific for installation on sheet metal 
  • The plate is equipped with a waterproofing membrane
  • System certified and compliant with
    • EN 795:2012 standard for max one person
    • CEN/TS 16415:2013 for max one person
  • Can be used with Infinity or Coeur  
  • Recommended for use by one person for pendulum effect
  • Made of electropolished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 10 year warranty

For further info on the responsibilities under current regulations and on device anchoring, please refer to the downloadable manual below.

  • Plam w/rivets
    Art. 001439
    Anchorage plate for corrugated sheet that can be used both for type A point anchors and for type C and D linear anchors. It already includes waterproofing and rivets for fastening.
  • Prepaint. Sheet
    Art. 000631
    Pre-painted reinforcement sheet metal 100x50 cm with rivets
  • SS sheet
    Art. 000632
    Stainless steel reinforcement sheet metal 50x100cm cm with rivets
  • Pr Prepaint sht
    Art. 002647
    Pair of pre-painted reinforcing sheets with rivets
  • Pair SS sheets
    Art. 002648
    Pair of Stainless Steel reinforcing sheets with rivets
  • Infinity 304
    Art. 001160
    Fall protection anchor class A anchor with 21 mm diameter attachement area. 304 electropolished stainless steel material.
  • SS Cœur eyebolt
    Art. 000269
    316L Stainless steel anchor for typical exterior uses. Available for 10 or 12 mm bolts.
  • IT Lifeline sig
    Art. 000296
    Lifeline sign in Italian
  • Lifeline signEN
    Art. 003354
    Lifelines information sign, English version
  • Lifeline ID
    Art. 000291
    Lifeline identification code
  • Guaina Spray pr
    Art. 006108
    Guaina Spray protettiva e sigillante 500ml
  • System Register
    Art. 002562
    Sicurpal's System Register - Inspection and maintenance
  • Docubox
    Art. 003334
    Document holder with fixing kit
  • Kit B1
    Art. 000885
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 1 self-lock.+1 d12 washer
  • Kit B10
    Art. 000894
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 12 long rivets with gasket
  • Kit B14
    Art. 000898
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 1 bolt 12x25