Sector: Executive and service buildings

Products: PTV Line

Location: Milan

Date: January 2015



During EXPO Milano 2015, the UAE’s unforgettable pavilion amazed billions of visitors from all over the world thanks to its building design, ispired by the fascinating landscape and traditional architecture of the UAE. The elegant and highly sustainable building was completely demountable and fully covered with gardens on the top, with a shape reproducing Masdar City’s winding alleys and open spaces.
Sicurpal has been asked to provide a lifeline that did not require any penetration in the roof.

OUR SOLUTION: Free-standing PTV for green roofs 

Sicurpal developed PTV: the free-standing fall protection system designed for green roofs that can be installed without penetrating neither the waterproofing nor the roof structure. All parts of the PTV system embed directly into the green roof system, so to exploit the superimposed load generated by each device.

  • PTV
    Lifeline for hanging gardens and green roofs.