Sector: Residential construction

Location: Sassuolo (MO)

Date: May 2014

Products: PBS and STR/STC single anchor points 



  • Built in early 80s, the villa roof presented some common issues for old houses:

        i. A large amount of dormers and a particular roof shape increased the risk of pendulum effect

        ii. The whole roof was not waterproof, therefore it was compulsory to avoid fixing methods that could cause any water infiltration.

  • Need for a low visibility of the lifeline


OUR SOLUTION: Single anchor points and waterproof PBS posts

  • Sicurpal solved the risk of pendulum effect installing several STC single anchor points under the shingles on gables and STR in the corner hips. 
  • Thanks to the slim design of its devices, PBS line is the best post-based solution to minimise the visual impact of the lifeline.
  • To avoid water infiltration problems, Sicurpal spread a tar paper ply between pole and structure and installed a small lead gutter on every device after completion of the lifeline. 

  • STC
    Anchor suitable to be installed under rooftiles.
  • STR
    Double anchorage point to guarantee invisibility.
  • PBS
    Lifeline for roofing with low structural resistance and a flat base.