Sector: Executive and service buildings  

Location: Parma 

Date: May 2014

Products: Economy Line, Igena



  • Prior to roof refurbishment, Parma Retail mall requested a fall protecton system to be installed on its multiple roofings made of both glass and gravel.
  • The main request was to design a fall protecton system that could integrate with the modern steel structure that supported the glazed roof.

OUR SOLUTION: Igena anchor points integrated into the roof 

  • Since the roof was still under construction, Sicurpal coIlaborated with the building team asking them to leave openings where to install the anchor points of the lifeline afterwards. Later, they also contributed to create particular Igena anchor points that integrated completely into the roofing structure prior to its completion. 
  • Gravel has been temporarily removed in order to install an Economy Lifeline and then restored to its original position.