"Post lifeline for the industrial sector"

Basic Line horizontal fall protection systems are designed and manufactured by Sicurpal to provide the market with a low-cost and long-lasting product. 

  • S235 Hot galvanised steel posts (Fe360)
  • Maximum adaptability to different supporting structures thanks to the four types of posts
  • Two heights available h50-h30 cm
  • Open-base post with double welding for a perfect internal galvanisation    
  • The internal part of the post can also be inspected after the installation
  • Ideal for workers tied with ropes thanks to its rigidity 
  • 10 year warranty

For further information on the anchoring of devices and on the responsibilities under current regulations, please refer to the downloadable manual below.

  • PZP Pole h50
    Art. 000036
    Galvanised Pole PZP h50 Base 300x300
  • GV Pole PZCh50
    Art. 000186
    Galvanised Pole PZC h50 Base 300x300
  • GV Pole PZI h50
    Art. 000185
    Galvanised Pole PZI h50 Base 300x300
  • GV Pole PZLh50
    Art. 000187
    Galvanised Pole PZL h50 Base 400x160
  • GV PZP h30
    Art. 000263
    Galvanised Pole PZP h30 Base 300x300
  • GV PZC h30
    Art. 000265
    Galvanised Pole PZC h30 Base 300x300
  • GV PZI h30
    Art. 000264
    Galvanised Pole PZI h30 Base 300x300
  • GV PZL h30
    Art. 000266
    Galvanised Pole PZL h30 Base 400x160
  • End terminal
    Art. 000305
    End terminal
  • Intermediate
    Art. 000038
    Intermediate or Terminal for Tens.
  • Alu fairlead
    Art. 001094
    Aluminium by-passable fairlead
  • Corner pulley
    Art. 000306
    Corner fairlead with pulley
  • Ver.Fair.Tr.
    Art. 000192
    Fix Vertical fairlead for trolley with nuts and bolts
  • 0-45Adj.fair.
    Art. 001344
    Vertical fairlead adj0-45 for Shut
  • 90Fix.vert.fair
    Art. 001327
    90 Fix vertical fairlead for Shut
  • 90° Tube
    Art. 000308
    90° Tube for Tens.Supp.
  • 135° Tube
    Art. 000307
    135° Tube for Tens.Supp.
  • Straight tube
    Art. 000309
    Straight tube for Tens.Supp.
  • Cable dn8
    Art. 000055
    49-Wire cable dn8 Stainless steel 316
  • Swage
    Art. 002477
    Tensioner with swage to crimp+nuts and bolts
  • Tensioner Supp
    Art. 000194
    Support for Tensioner/Tube
  • Tens tog/crimp
    Art. 000294
    Tensioner Toggle/Turnbuckle to crimp
  • F/S crimp tens.
    Art. 002494
    Fork/swage (to crimp) tensioner turnbuckle
  • Tens.Double F/S
    Art. 000032
    Tensioner Stainless steel 316 Double F/S
  • Jaw terminal
    Art. 000292
    Terminal with fixed jaw, with crimping sleeve in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Jaw terminal
    Art. 000293
    Terminal with jointed jaw, with crimping sleeve in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Eye terminal
    Art. 003664
    Eye terminal for d.8 cable to crimp
  • Fix dn8 cable
    Art. 001513
    Kit dn8 cable fastening
  • Energy Absorber
    Art. 000033
    Stainless steel 304 Lifeline Energy Absorber
  • Quick release
    Art. 001758
    Quick release carabiner (not usable with SICURSLIM)
  • Quick release
    Art. 001518
    Quick release carabiner for universal dissipator connection
  • Lim. Switch dn8
    Art. 000636
    Limit switch device for cable dn8
  • Bidir. bracket
    Art. 000184
    Bidirectional bracket
  • Fallstop trav.
    Art. 001512
    Fallstop traveller for lifeline
  • Fixed cable t.
    Art. 003927
    Fixed cable trolley for lifeline with AISI 316 stainless steel carabiner
  • Trolley remov.
    Art. 003934
    Fixed trolley removal device
  • Tensioner Seal
    Art. 000290
    Seal for tensioner block
  • Lifeline info
    Art. 004738
    Lifeline information plate Spanish version
  • Lifelines plate
    Art. 003354
    Lifelines information plate English version
  • LV Info
    Art. 004787
    Lifeline Information Plate Fw/Sw version
  • Lifeline ID
    Art. 000291
    Lifeline identification code
  • System Register
    Art. 002562
    Sicurpal's System Register - Inspection and maintenance
  • Docubox
    Art. 003334
    Document holder with fixing kit
  • Kit B3
    Art. 000887
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 8 self-lock.+8 d12 washers
  • Kit B6
    Art. 000890
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 4 self-lock.+4 d12 washers
  • Kit B9
    Art. 000893
    Nuts and bolts kit consisting of: 2 self-lock.+2 washers+2 bolts 12x35
  • Bar dn12
    Art. 000014
    Threaded rod dn12 Stainless steel 304 Degreased
  • Bar dn12x18
    Art. 000035
    Threaded rod dn12 of 18 cm with bolt
  • Eco. Resin 400m
    Art. 000021
    Econ. two-component resin 400ml
  • Resin
    Art. 002365
    High quality resin for renforced concrete and bricks
  • Res.Nordic400ml
    Art. 002124
    Nordica 400 ml economic two-component resin - for applications up to -20°
  • Screw
    Art. 000010
    Fully threaded screw with countersunk TX40 9x160
  • Screw
    Art. 000245
    Fully threaded screw with countersunk TX40 9x200
  • Screw
    Art. 000247
    Fully threaded screw with countersunk TX40 9x280
  • Screw
    Art. 000249
    Fully threaded screw with countersunk TX40 11x100
  • Washer M10 diam
    Art. 000011
    Washer M10 diam.
  • Washer M10 diam
    Art. 000250
    Washer M10 diam.
  • SS gutter dn90
    Art. 000018
    Stainless steel gutter dn90 with gasket
  • Lead dn90
    Art. 000017
    Lead V 50x50cm dn90
  • PBS
    Lifeline for roofing with low structural resistance and a flat base.
  • Shed Line
    Plate lifeline for edge beams or prefabricated structures.
  • PG
    Low-visual-impact lifeline with medium size insulation packages.