Sector: Executive and service buildings

Location: Mirandola (MO)

Date: November 2014

Products: Economy Line



  • Securing the roofs of earthquake-damaged buildings prior to repairing and rebuilding them.
  • Need for a lifeline integrated with the roof structures of new buildings still under construction. 


OUR SOLUTION: Economy poles installed with counter-plates

  • Due to the roof composition of existing buildings (precast and reinforced concrete beams) no penetration was possible. Therefore Economy poles have been installed thanks to counter-plates.
  • On roofs still under construction, the lifeline has been installed following the usual procedure.
  • In both cases Sicurpal split the installation process in two different moments: we positioned the poles prior to positioning the roof and, in order not to hinder the installation of the roof, only afterwards we stretched the cable and the lifeline and then tested it.

  • Basic Line
    Basic lifeline with galvanised posts.