Sector: Historic Buildings 

Location: Sassuolo (MO)

Date: October 2010

Products: LVB Lifeline



  • In 2010 the local government of Sassuolo decided to undertake shingles maintenance and repair works on the roof of Doge's Palace.
  • Hence the request: install a lifeline to protect workers from fall from heights without spoiling the impressive and valuable structure and ornamentation of the Palace.
  • A guardrail system is always the best choice to ensure collective protection: however its installation requires multiple safe accesses to the roof. It entails that, due to the height of the Palace, it would have not been possible without scaffoldings, causing that access by visitors may have been temporarily forbidden.

          For this reason, Sicurpal has been asked to find an alternative solution.

  • Moreover, due to several refurbishments over time, the composition of the load bearing structure of the roof consists now of different building materials (such as wood, iron, concrete, etc.) which causes a need for different types of fixings.


OUR SOLUTION: LVB approved by Superintendencies for Architectural Heritage and Landscape

  • Deformable and flexible, LVB lifeline absorbes most of the forces generated in the event of a fall and significantly reduces the fall forces on the roof structure thanks to its base, which remains securely attached to the roof. 

          This prevents damages to the structure.

  • LVB plate might be fixed to the structure in many ways. In this case, to fit all the components of the structure, Sicurpal fixed it with different structural adhesives: adhesive resins for wooden parts, plates and counter-plates for iron ones. 
  • LVB plate ensures a full safety on the roof enabling workers to reach every point on both gables, thanks to one single anchor point under the ridge.
  • All of the products (LVB, lifeline, cable and anchor points) are completely made of Stainless Steel to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and a durability that withstands all atmospheric agents. 
  • Designed in collaboration with the architectural firm in charge of carrying out the works and approved by the Italian Superintendencies for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, LVB (Low Visibility Lifeline) is the perfect choice to provide an aesthetic and almost invisible solution.

  • STC
    Anchor suitable to be installed under rooftiles.
  • STR
    Double anchorage point to guarantee invisibility.
  • LVB
    Low visual impact lifelines.