Sector: Public construction

Location: Bologna

Date: November 2011

Products: Shed Line, SicurTerm, Rigid Rail System



  • Ensuring a safe work environment prior to maintenance on a split level roof with an irregular shape due to levels that overhang others, creating huge differences in height. The roof composition consisted of more than one building material such as reinforced concrete, wood and many different types of metal finishings such as trapezoidal sheet, Kalzip and RiverClack.
  • The execution must be carried out within a very short period of time.
  • Delivering a high-quality counselling in order to provide the customer with the less expensive and yet most effective solution. 


OUR SOLUTION: SicurTerm lifeline with thermal break

Sicurpal installed different types of lifeline, according to the different roof compositions:

  • Fall restraint systems where differences in height between planking level and the roofing were almost irrelevant.  
  • On slippery slopes, Sicurpal installed a rigid rail system in compliance with EN 795 Type D for restraint system use only.
  • SicurTerm lifeline with thermal break in areas with insulation packages. SicurTerm devices are manufactured with an integrated plastic bridging piece, therefore they are the ideal solution to prevent the passage of heat and cold bridging.
  • Anchor points with a slim design to prevent risks of pendulum effect while providing a discrete solution.