Sector: Industrial construction 

Location: Faenza

Date: March 2015

Products: Rail and guardrail system



  • Ensuring a safe way up the wine vats, as well as a safe workplace for workers carrying out controls of the wine fermenting process on top of the vats.
  • Installing a lifeline that would prevent the team in charge of maintenance on top of the boiler units to fall from a height. 


OUR SOLUTION: Rigid rail clamped to a special steel structure

  • In order to get rid of the risk of falling, Sicurpal developed and built a special steel structure, clamped to the roof trusses of the industrial cellar in order to support the the rail system.
  • To secure the way up and down from the vat as well as the working on top, Sicurpal equipped the rail shuttle with a rope guided fallstop kit ASAP 20 cm, composed of adjustable rope 20 cm long + absorber that holds constantly up the user.
  • To secure the top of the boiler units, Sicurpal installed a guardrail system, in order to allow everyone to access the designed area. The top was made of aluminum metal sheet and for this reason Sicurpal installed the guardrail system on specific support that have been anchored to the sheet by means of Stainless Steel plates and rivets.