Sector: Industrial construction 

Location: Fossoli (MO)

Date: May 2013

Products: Igena and walkways 



  • Due to its wideness, the industrial composting plant had plenty of areas where there was a risk of falling from a height, such as bridge cranes, building roofs, manholes, waste pits, etc.
  • The customer asked for several fall protection systems to ensure a safe workplace in all of those areas. 
  • Sicurpal was asked to inspect and test existing lifelines to check their current regulatory compliance.


OUR SOLUTION: different fall protection systems to ensure safety 

  • Sicurpal installed Igena Type A single anchor points close to manholes and next to machines.
  • In order avoid the risk of wreckage while walking on translucent windows to reach the lifeline installed on the ridge, Sicurpal installed several walkways to provide labourers with a safe path on the roof.
  • Cage ladders have been installed on both sides of the buildings so to ensure safe accesses to the roofs.