Walkways enable to secure passages on fragile or slippery roofs or to create accessible paths on breakable surfaces such as skylights or in case of Eternit decontamination.

  • High-quality resistant material (aluminium and stainless steel)    
  • Product sold disassembled. Can be easily assembled by operators without the need for a preliminary study or technical drawings
  • High-quality low-cost product with short delivery times    
  • The materials can be trimmed on site in case of unexpected issues
  • Complaint with EN 14122


  • Aluminium walk.
    Art. 002929
    Aluminium walkway 600x1610mm line VKC
  • Aluminium walk.
    Art. 002930
    Aluminium walkway 800x1610mm VKC line
  • Wall-fix. Upr.
    Art. 002839
    Wall fixed guardrail upright
  • Kit VKC
    Art. 002844
    Nr. 1 Current and nr. 1 3m VKC rail sleeper for guardrail kit
  • VKC Kit
    Art. 002516
    VKC guardrail End Caps Kit - (Handrail and Sleeper)
  • Bracket guardra
    Art. 004994
    H120 mm bracket for guardrail and walkway with 2x hammerhead screws.
  • Passerella Sicu
    Art. 005306
    Passerella Sicurpal di fine 2,6 mt x 800mm
  • Pass. 2 x 0,8 m
    Art. 005305
    Passerella Sicurpal di inizio 2 m x 0,8 m
  • Piatto di giunz
    Art. 005411
    Piatto di giunzione Allu
  • Tubolare 150x50
    Art. 005380
    Tubolare 150x50 e angolari fix passerella
  • Coppia Chiusura
    Art. 004020
    Coppia Chiusura Profilo Passerella: kit con 2 lamiere + 4 viti 4.8x16 autofil.
  • Walking 150 cm
    Art. 003941
    Walking 150 cm including short rivets
  • Walking 200 cm
    Art. 003942
    Walking 200 cm including short rivets
  • Walking 300 cm
    Art. 003943
    Walking 300 cm including short rivets
  • Fastening Fix
    Art. 003165
    Fastening Fixing Bolts Kit for walkway and guardrail mast (1 kit each mast)
  • Junction Walkwa
    Art. 003257
    VKC Junction Walkways
  • L plate for w.
    Art. 003249
    L plate for walkway on trapezoidal sheet metal (fixing accessories excluded)