Training to prevent work injuries in the future.

Even though what students learn in school is far from what happens in the world of work, a collaboration of the two may lead to outstanding results.
Sicurpal Srl worked in partnership with the Polytechnic School “Guarino Guarini” of Modena with the aim of teaching students in their final year the importance of safety on the worksite, with a special focus on one of the main causes of occupational fatality in Italy: falls from height.


Started in 2013, the project consisted of two steps: students have been involved in several learning courses whose content has been verified afterwards in a final examination.
The six top-performing students have been offered an internship in Sicurpal over a 2 months period, where they could get a hands-on experience.

Students tracked their outcomes in a paper that, after completion of the experience, has been presented to the board of examiners during their final examination. Ranging from safety at height and risk assessment to how to project and install a fall protection system, the essay earned them a good level school-leaving certificate.


Sicurpal wishes to thank the Polytechnic School “Guarino Guarini” of Modena for this wonderful partnership opportunity. A special thanks go to our very own students Valeria Anedda, Andrea Beato, Giulia Davoli, Dana Preda, Federico Salvatico, Luca Stabile. Thank you for your committment and professionalism guys! 


We will try our best in order to hold the second edition of this partnership because we know how important it is for young people to get acquainted with the world of work and safety.

We truly believe that investing in youth is the best solution to enhance the academic abilities and build awareness and reliability of future workers.