Sector: Industrial construction  

Location: Ravenna

Date: June 2015

Products: Guardrail system 



The customer, a steel processing industry, asked Sicurpal to ensure a safe workplace for workers in charge of monthly maintenance of the three air conditioning motors placed on top of a transformer cabinet whose height is 4 metres above floor level.


OUR SOLUTION: Guardrail system painted with yellow RAL

  • In its tender the customer proposed a lifeline clamped to the ceiling in order to enable workers to operate safely on top of the cabinets. However, Sicurpal suggested an alternative solution, i.e. installing a guardrail system that, being a collective protection, would allow anyone to access it with no need for wearing a P.P.E. or being informed on current safety regulations. Thanks to this, Sicurpal proved to be the successful candidate.
  • Due to the ATEX environment (environment with an explosive atmosphere) close by, Sicurpal had to deal with the risk of explosion while installing the protective system: therefore supports for the guardrail have been installed without welding.
  • After installation, the guardrail system has been painted with the proper yellow RAL, according to color codes that alert employees to dangers existing at a work site.

  • Floor anchoring
    Aluminium guardrail with fixed joint for floor anchoring.