Sector: Public construction

Location: Maranello (MO)

Date: November 2011

Products: Provi Line 20 mt



  • Ensuring safety during maintenance works on the roof of Mr. Ferrari’s house, where the museum of the same name was built.
  • The roof, designed by the Neofuturistic Czech architect Jan Kaplicky to look exactly like the bonnet of a 1950s sports car, is made of extruded aluminium of the typical Ferrari Yellow Fly / 20Y191 color and it does not require any particular maintenance but for the skylights which represent air intakes for the engine.
  • Need for a lifeline that did not impair the building design in any way.


OUR SOLUTION: an extractable anchor point for Provi Line 20 mt

Sicurpal installed an extractable anchor point Type A1 completely integrated into the structure in order to allow the installation of a temporary lifeline easy to remove: the Provi Line 20mt product.
The anchor point is the only part of the system which stays permanently on the roof: it is threaded and mounted right on the aluminium edge, hidden by a removable top of the same yellow RAL as the roof that can be pulled out for the temporary lifeline to be attached to it by whoever needs it.