Sector: Public construction

Location: Mantua

Date: June 2010

Products: Igena A10, A40, X30



  • Ensuring a safe workplace for people who maintain the glazed surfaces of the roof and the PV system.
  • Respecting building design because of its particular position in the historic centre of Mantua.
  • Need for a lifeline that could be installed directly to the PV panels so to avoid casting any shadow on the system that may cause a decrease in its efficiency.


OUR SOLUTION: Igena lifeline and single anchor points

  • Sicurpal used the supporting structure of the glazed roof as a support for the lifeline, in order to get rid of any risk of water infiltration that might have been caused by drilling holes into the roof.
  • The product that could match customer needs more effectively was Igena lifeline and accessories which came with it. Installed in the junctions between glass panels, it only shadowed  the flashing and not the panels.