• Insp.ropes<20m
    Art. S00033
    Inspection of ropes over 20 m
  • Harness Insp.
    Art. S00013
    Harness inspection
  • Lan.w/Abs.Insp.
    Art. S00030
    Lanyards with absorber inspection
  • Connect. Insp.
    Art. S00029
    Connectors Inspection
  • Winders Inspec.
    Art. S00024
    Winders from 6 to 30 m mechanical inspection - excluding spare parts
  • Fallst.dev.Insp
    Art. S00031
    Temporary Lifelines / Guided type fallstop devices inspection
  • Insp.ropes>20m
    Art. S00032
    Inspection of ropes up to 20 m and temporary lifelines up to 20 m
  • Lanyard inspec.
    Art. S00041
    Lanyard inspection
  • Lanyard inspec.
    Art. S00022
    Lanyard inspection
  • Winders Insp.
    Art. S00034
    External inspection of winders from 6 to 30 m
  • Harness Insp.
    Art. S00018
    Harness inspection
  • Revisione Carre
    Art. S00025
    Revisione Carrelli e Navette Anticaduta