Guardrails are a collective fall protection system

To protect operators working at a height, the installation of collective fall protection devices must be prioritised with respect to individual fall protection devices.

Thanks to their aluminium structure and special wedge shape, Sicurpal's guardrails are extremely light and have a low visual impact.

  • Guardrail compliant with standard EN 14122-3 
  • 30 kg/metre load on horizontal tubes (outward push)
  • Anodised aluminium structure
  • Can be customised with epoxy varnishing and RAL colours
  • Posts have a triangular shape for a lower visual impact
  • Both horizontal handrails can be adjusted simultaneously
  • Curves can be continuously adjusted
  • Ends anchored to the wall
  • Vertical, tipping or tilted guardrail available
  • Various accessories available
  • 10 year warranty

  • VKC guardrail C
    Art. 002350
    VKC guardrail Corner Rail Kit - Handrail + Crossbar
  • VKC corner join
    Art. 002849
    VKC corner joint including 8 rivets
  • Small VKC sleep
    Art. 002376
    Small VKC sleeper with 3m built-in rings
  • Support for VKC
    Art. 002902
    Support for VKC guardrail board on trapezoidal sheet metal (1 per upright)
  • Footrest for g.
    Art. 002399
    Footrest for guardrail VKC in natural aluminium h 150mm x W 3000 mm
  • VKC Folding upr
    Art. 002887
    VKC Folding upright for guardrail fix on 250mm trapezoidal sheet metal, supplied unassembled
  • Straight adjust
    Art. 002850
    Straight adjustable VKC straight fitting including 8 rivets
  • VKC upright
    Art. 002871
    VKC upright for guardrail fix on 250mm trapezoidal sheet metal, supplied unassembled.
  • VKC railing gat
    Art. 002349
    VKC railing gate including hinges, uprights not included
  • Straight VKC b.
    Art. 002848
    Straight VKC baseboard joint including 4 rivets
  • Large handrail
    Art. 002375
    Large handrail VKC with 3m cash-in rings
  • Ground-fix. Upr
    Art. 002888
    Ground fixed parapet upright
  • Wall fastening
    Art. 002517
    Wall fastening kit Handrail and sleeper VKC guardrail
  • Fixing brackets
    Art. 002847
    Fixing brackets with 4 rivets for the baseboard
  • Ground-fix. Upr
    Art. 002872
    Ground fixed parapet upright
  • Kit VKC
    Art. 002844
    Nr. 1 Current and nr. 1 3m VKC rail sleeper for guardrail kit
  • VKC Kit
    Art. 002516
    VKC guardrail End Caps Kit - (Handrail and Sleeper)