• Hoist Clamp
    Art. 000044
    Terminal for Hoist to use with ratchet for cable 1 hoist requires 2 terminals
  • Cable Hoist
    Art. 000420
    Hoist for cable tensioning
  • Hilti dispenser
    Art. 000371
    Hilti soft cartridge dispenser
  • Pistola eco 400
    Art. 004207
    Pistola per Resina ml400 in metallo
  • APU
    Art. 001498
    Hydraulic battery crimping machine
  • Kit SicurCrimp
    Art. 001177
    SicurCrimp kit consisting of an hydraulic battery crimping machine, one case, one battery, one battery charger and one pair of moulds.
  • MPU
    Art. 001499
    Manual oleodynamic crimping machine
  • SicurCrimp Man.
    Art. 001800
    SicurCrimp kit consisting of a manual oleodynamic crimping machine, one case and one pair of moulds
  • Mould-Crimp.ma.
    Art. 002174
    Mould for Crimping machine