The best quality at the best value

If you seek the best quality/price ratio, SICURLAM is the ideal choice to secure trapezoidal sheet roofings. 
Sicurpal engineering department is committed to thorough research and development: Sicurlam plate is the case in point, because it has been developed as a solution to all the problems that our team of installers and engineers spotted while making structural calculations or while installing lifelines on decks with metal sheet finishings.




In compliance with EN 795 Type C, Sicurlam plate is made of electropolished  AISI 304 Type Stainless Steel and can easily bond to trapezoidal sheets with any span spread between supports. Sicurlam can be installed with a support plate base that allows the positioning of the lifeline at two different heights (55 or 120 cm) so to match any customer need.

Moreover, thanks to its thickness, it significantly reduces fall forces generated on the roof structure.



SICURLAM attaches to the surface of galvanized steel or precoated trapezoidal sheets of a minimum thickness of 0,5 mm and to aluminium trapezoidal sheets of a minimum thickness of 0,6 mm, eliminating the need for roof penetration.



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