green roof fall protection
green roof fall protectiongreen roof fall protection

Green roofs are one of the best solutions for thermal insulation but require frequent maintenance. That is why a system guaranteeing the safety of maintenance operators must be included in the designing stage. Sicurpal found the best solution for this requirement: PTV is a fall protection system that can be installed in only 8 cm of soil - the weight of the various components of the system can be in fact used to secure it without piercing the roofing or waterproofing membrane.    

  • Anchorage device compliant with standards EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Can be used simultaneously by two people for Type A
  • Can be used simultaneously by three people for Type C       
  • Structure made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with pickled treatment against corrosion
  • Can be installed on all kinds of roofing with a maximum slope of 5°
  • Post height 40 cm       
  • 10 year warranty

For further information on device anchoring and on the responsibilities under current regulations, please download the manual below.     

  • PTV pole
    Art. 001774
    PTV pole for Green Roofs
  • Stabifilter SFE
    Art. 001988
    Non-woven geotextile in white polypropylene. roll size 2.00 x 50 m (100 sq.m) price per sq.m
  • Rete Grid5
    Art. 001989
    Black geogrid in black polypropylene to make the ballast support. roll size 4.00 x 50 m (200 sq.m) price per sq.m
  • Kit Fix PTV A
    Art. 002115
    Fixing base for A type PTV pole for Green roofs, excluding net and fabric cloth
  • Kit Fix PTV C
    Art. 002116
    Fixing base for C type PTV pole for Green roofs, excluding net and fabric cloth
  • Eyebolt+cotter
    Art. 000058
    Eyebolt and Split pin
  • SS int fairlead
    Art. 000501
    Stainless steel 304 intermediate fairlead
  • Ver.Fair.Shut.
    Art. 000192
    Fix Vertical fairlead for Shuttle with nuts and bolts
  • 0-45Adj.fair.
    Art. 001344
    Vertical fairlead adj0-45 for Shut
  • 90° Tube
    Art. 000308
    90° Tube for Tens.Supp.
  • 135° Tube
    Art. 000307
    135° Tube for Tens.Supp.
  • Straight tube
    Art. 000309
    Straight tube for Tens.Supp.
  • Cable dn8
    Art. 000055
    49-Wire cable dn8 Stainless steel 316
  • Tens tog/crimp
    Art. 000294
    Tensioner Toggle/Turnbuckle to crimp
  • F/S crimp tens.
    Art. 002494
    Fork/swage (to crimp) tensioner turnbuckle
  • Tens.Double F/S
    Art. 000032
    Tensioner Stainless steel 316 Double F/S
  • F/F tensioner
    Art. 002493
    AISI 304 Stainless Steel Fork/fork tensioner turnbuckle
  • Tensioner F/S
    Art. 000292
    Tensioner Fixed fork/Swage to crimp
  • Tensioner T/S
    Art. 000293
    Tensioner toggle/Swage to crimp
  • Lim. Switch dn8
    Art. 000636
    Limit switch device for cable dn8
  • Brack. PBS-ST8
    Art. 000298
    Anchor bracket PBS-ST8
  • Fallstop shut.
    Art. 001512
    Fallstop shuttle for lifeline
  • Tensioner Seal
    Art. 000290
    Seal for tensioner block
  • Rail Info Plate
    Art. 003354
    Rail Information Plate English version
  • Cartello segnal
    Art. 003646
    Cartello segnalaz. LV a Binario RU
  • Lifeline ID
    Art. 000291
    Lifeline identification code
  • System Register
    Art. 002562
    Sicurpal's System Register - Inspection and maintenance
  • Box Porta Doc.
    Art. 003334
    Box Porta Documenti c/kit fissaggio
  • Terminali Doppi
    Art. 002789
    Terminali Doppi a pressare x congiunzione cavi dn8, esterno 12,5 inox aisi 316