Sector: Industrial construction 

Location: Sassuolo (MO)

Date: April 2012

Products: Economy Line, plates and counter-plates, STC single anchor points



  • The huge warehouse of “Fiandre Architectural Surfaces” was built in in the early 80-ies, therefore it required frequent maintenance in order to solve seepage problems which occurred very often. The customer asked for an economic system so to write off expenses.
  • The building was split in smaller units next to each other, with a common roof made of reinforced prestressed concrete covered with sheath and shingles. For this reason it was not possible to drill holes in the roofs and the customer requested to find an alternative fixing method for the lifeline.
  • The significant length of the roofing system and its particular shape (thick ridges of about 60 cm and sheds installed all over the surface) required an ergonomic system that allowed users to move and work freely.


OUR SOLUTION: Economy posts and Shed plates

  • Sicurpal installed Economy Line devices by means of plates and counter-plates mounted internally so to avoid roofing damages.
  • Due to the lifeline length (1000 metres), we decided to install Economy Line posts and plates in order to write off expenses. Moreover, the combination of poles mounted on the ridge and plates bond to the supporting pillars of the sheds, allowed us to create flexibile lifelines in compliace with the position of the sheds.