SICURPAL PTV: a free-standing fall protection system designed for green roofs.

SICURPAL PTV is the free-standing fall protection system to secure green roofs that can be easily installed in only 8 cm of topsoil without penetrating the waterproofing.



Green roofs require frequent maintenance: while maintaining them, workers are exposed to falls which can result in death or a serious injury when they’re not provided with fall protection. 
Sicurpal and DAKU, both leaders in their own market sector, cooperated to find the perfect solution to match green roofs requirements:

- Need for a fixing that does not require any penetration, so to avoid seepage problems

- Need for high-quality materials ( AISI Type 304 Stainless Steel) in order to avoid corrosion due to humidity produced by lawn, plants, flowers, organic matter and soil


Our in-house engeenering team developed a specific solution to certify a secure connection of the system to the structure with no structural roof penetration. All parts of the Sicurpal system embed directly into the green roof system, so to exploit the ballast generated by gravel and by each device. 

Sicurpal PTV and all of its accessories are made of AISI Type 304 Stainless Steel to ensure greater corrosion-resistance while the grid that reinforces the system is made of PVC to ensure strength and yet flexibility to the whole lifeline.



PTV must be installed while installing the green roof so to interchange both PTV components and green roof ones:

- DAKU Panel EPS

- Plate base for PTV supporting structure

- DAKU Grid 5

- Geotextile

- Reinforce and Sicurpal PTV Pole

- Topsoil and gravel

Suitable for installation on any roofing system with gradients up to 5° with no need of structural fixings.


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