For safety inside and outside the factory


Safety measures for working at height must be taken in any area where a risk of falling may occurr. This means that not only roofs must be secured: indeed each work area inside or outside the factory, where a worker is required to undertake a work more than 2 metres above ground level, must be secured.


Flexible and yet resistant, Sicurpal rail system fits a wide range of support structures and roof designs, maintaining a very low visual impact.

The rigid lifeline provides one of the most innovative and versatile Sicurpal solutions: it can be used either as an horizontal lifeline, in compliance with Type D EN 795, or a vertical one, in compliance with EN 353-1.


The rail system applies to a wide range of situations, among which: 

  • Integrated to the PV system, in order to allow workers to easily move in all directions while keeping full protection
  • Installed on the roof, so to provide workers with a safe workplace
  • Attached to bridge-cranes, trucks, any machinery etc. so to prevent the risk of fall



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