The fall arrest harnesses are ergonomic and adaptable to the user, so that the latter can carry out the work without discomfort. They can be used, with a suitable PPE system, to prevent the fall by means of a restraint activity (prevented fall), meaning by restraint the condition that - due to the length of the lanyard and positioning of the anchorage - makes the fall impossible.

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  • Imbracatura Lun
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    Imbracatura Luna Taglia L-XXL con 3 punti di attacco con 3 fibbie autobloccanti
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    Auffanggurt Luna L-XXL
  • Luna S-L
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    Dreipunktauffanggurt mit 3 Schnellverschluss-Schnallen
  • Newton Easyfit
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  • Newton-Auffang.
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    Schutzweste reflektierend
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