Sicurpal has a wide range of fall arresters (PPE Category III) designed to offer reliable solutions in the sectors in which we operate
(construction, chemical industry, transformation industry, mechanical industry).
Our expert technical consultants are at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable product for your needs, either by having your products tested
or by supplying them for short periods of time periods to avoid buying the wrong product.
In order to offer the best possible proposal, a number of producers have been selected to cover all price and quality ranges.

The certifications:

UNI EN 341:2011 - Descender devices
UNI EN 353-1:2018 - Vertical lines with rigid cable
UNI EN 353-2:2003 - Vertical flexible cable lines
"UNI EN 354:2010 - Lanyards
UNI EN 355:2003 - Absorbers
UNI EN 358:2019 - Positioning belts
"UNI EN 360:2003 - Rollers
"UNI EN 361:2003 - Harnesses
"UNI EN 362:2005 - Connectors (carabiners)
"UNI EN 363:2019 - Shutdown systems
UNI EN 365:2005 - Marking / labelling