Sector: Executive and service buildings

Location: Bologna

Date: October 2012 - 2013

Products: Rigid Rail System and ladders



  • BolognaFiere is one of the leading European exhibition organisers and one of the most advanced exhibition centres worldwide. In 2011, prior to carry out maintenance works on the exhibition pavillions, the centre submitted a tender to undertake a construction project for lifelines in compliance with current regulations.
  • The request for candidates to prove successful was to break down, or at least not exceed, the cost estimate and to offer a product suitable for existing structures and finishings.
  • Moreover, no interference was allowed during the daily organisation of the fair.  


OUR SOLUTION: 6 km of different lifelines

  • In less than 12 months, in collaboration with the team of workers in charge of mainteining the pavillion, Sicurpal installed more than 6 km of different lifelines, catwalks, cage ladders for variable slopes and vertical lifelines to ensure safety on existing access ladders. 
  • Some of the roofings as well as their building materials turned out to be very old, therefore our engineering team could not carry out any commissioning prior to the project. However, Sicurpal tested all of the lifelines after installing them to verify resistance and endurance of fixings.


  • Alurail S rail
    Multi-purpose rigid rail lifeline.
  • STC
    Anchor suitable to be installed under rooftiles.
  • PBS
    Lifeline for roofing with low structural resistance and a flat base.
  • Basic Line
    Basic lifeline with galvanised posts.
  • Shed Line
    Plate lifeline for edge beams or prefabricated structures.